Benefits of Family Medicine

familymedicinePeople ask all the time why family medicine is important – to explain that we first have to talk about exactly what family medicine is. Family medicine (or a family practice, as it used to be called) is a specialization that focuses on providing care to patients of all ages and genders. Family medicine normally emphasizes disease prevention and promotion of good health while keeping in mind your relation to your family and community.

If you are ever in doubt about what is ailing you or what kind of doctor you should see, your family physician should be your first phone call. A visit to the family physician will likely provide a good idea of what is going on. If they can’t figure it out, your family physician will help you get to a specialist who can and they will advocate for you by working hand in hand with other medical professionals to get you the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

A doctor that specializes in family medicine will be able to take care of young ones when they have the sniffles, older persons with aches and pains, and most people in between. Many family medicine specialists handle immunizations, physicals, gynecology, illness, weight loss and more. That can come in especially handy if you are a large family with young ones (those beginning-of-the-school-year colds are the worst!)  If you are a family with members of varying ages and needs – but you don’t have the time to see a different specialist for each of you, family medicine may be the right answer for you.