High Cholesterol

We all have heard once before that we have to keep our cholesterol in check, but what is cholesterol and why do we have to keep it in check? Cholesterol is a fat that your body makes but you also get from the food that you eat. Since cholesterol is also in the food we eat we might get too much of it, which leads to a buildup of this fat on the walls of your arteries. The fat begins to clog up the arteries and can cause serious problems, such as a heart attack or stroke, because less blood will be able to circulate through your body. If you are overweight, don’t exercise enough, or if many people in your family have high cholesterol, your chances of developing high cholesterol.

Whether you think you have high cholesterol or not it is important to visit a doctor to at least get it checked out. In order to improve your cholesterol you can try changing your diet and losing weight. By eating healthier foods and getting rid of foods that are high in fats you can improve your cholesterol levels. Also try exercising more often to get to a better weight and try to quit smoking in order to improve the condition of your heart. Make sure to visit Brinson Family Medicine so that we can check your cholesterol levels. If you do have high cholesterol we can provide you with our weight loss program so that you can improve your health to fight off high cholesterol.