Family Medicine

Family Medicine in Altamonte Springs, FL

Family medicine is an essential part of the medical system in that it focuses on the individual in a variety of contexts to ensure overall health and well-being. It is comprehensive care for individuals of all ages and both genders, and encompasses all of the body’s systems. A big part of family medicine is disease prevention and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. It is a field of medicine that is difficult to define in one sentence because of its breadth. One thing that most would agree on, though, is that it is important to see your family medicine practitioner regularly.

offers family medicine at his clinic in Altamonte Springs, Florida where he develops professional relationships with his patients that last for years. One of the benefits of visiting a family physician regularly is that they will be familiar with your health and any medical problems that you experience. They’ll keep a chart to document your medical history and reference it regularly, but over time they get a broader sense of your personal health and the lifestyle choices that you make that can impact your well-being. This helps to ensure more comprehensive, personal care on the family level. When a medical issue does present itself, a physician familiar with you and your history will be ready to handle it in a professional manner.

Disease prevention is a large part of family medicine at , as well as the family medicine field in general. Whereas a specialist will work closely with one organ or organ system and usually sees you only if there is a problem or to follow up a treatment or procedure, your family physician will see you when you’re perfectly health and will monitor your health to do whatever is possible to keep it that way. Regular blood work, checkups, and evaluating your symptoms goes into disease prevention to help you stay health and catch possible diseases or complications at their early stages when they may be more easily treatable.

Family Medicine in Altamonte Springs, FL

On the other side is health promotion. You make lifestyle choices every day. You choose what foods to eat. You choose how much exercise you get. You choose whether to smoke cigarettes or engage in other behavior that can negatively impact your health. A family physician will consult with you regarding healthy lifestyle choices that may help improve your health or avoid certain diseases or complications. Your diet, exercise habits, and other lifestyle choices will often depend on your personal health, medical history, and other factors. A family-centered physician, Dr. Brinson provides expert advice regarding lifestyle choices that promote your health and well-being.

Dr. Brinson and the medical staff at this family medicine practice in Altamonte Springs are committed to the health promotion and disease prevention of their patients. A comprehensive practice that serves families throughout the area, geriatrics, as well as those who want to obtain a , call today to set up an appointment with Dr. Brinson.